Take a trip to Rhode Island this week on Beer Sessions Radio! Jimmy Carbone is yet again joined with an amazing room full of beer professionals. Hear from Chris O'Leary, Rhode Island Native and blogger behind Brew York New York, Zach Mack, Rhode Island Beer enthusiast and owner of ABC Beer Co, Niko Krommydas, beer writer and editor of Craft Beer New York app, Lamel Moore, Rhode Island based home brewer and Dammy Olsson of Food Proof Brewing. They all discuss the rising scene of craft beer in Rhode Island the general landscape of the small state! Later in the show, Sarah Annese and Giancarlo Annese stop by to promote the 2014 Holiday Book Market. This program was brought to you by GreatBrewers.com.

"Rhode Island is having a booming impact right now. Fortunately a lot of politicians and lawmakers are realizing beer jobs are great manufacturing jobs that they can bring to the state." [26:00]

--Lamel Moore on Beer Sessions Radio

"The fact that everybody knows each other once removed in Rhode Island is unique. It's a small state." [30:00]

--Chris O'Leary on Beer Sessions Radio

"We're innately proud people the growth of this industry. Rhode Island will be supported by the people who live there." [38:00]

--Zach Mack on Beer Sessions Radio