Curtis B. Wayne is talking with master print-maker Dan Welden on today's installment of Burning Down the House. Dan and Curtis talk about technicality, form, and what defines a work of art. Learn about Dan's past working with the likes of De Kooning and Rauschenberg. Listen in to hear Dan talk about his upcoming project constructing a whale press- a giant printmaking contraption that utilizes blubber. Dan also explains his Solarplate, and how it allows for many different types and styles of prints. Dan shares his experiences speaking and printing in China, and why you don't want to go 'off script' in a communist country. Why does Dan think that woodcuts are the most honest way to print? Dan and Curtis also discuss the resurgence of analog methods in both printmaking and architecture. This episode has been brought to you by Heritage Foods USA.

"You need to have discipline on one hand, and emotion on the other hand. If you have these two things and you put them together, you're making art." [6:10]

"Printmaking is not meant for reproductions; it's meant as a form of expression." [10:40]

-- Dan Welden on Burning Down the House