Tune in for this week's A Few Things as Claire and Erica open the show with a thorough discussion on their favorite fitness apps (and more) that motivate and inspire to get up and move!  After the break, the hosts welcome Cassie Marketos to the studio talking how she spends her days at Dollar a Day, a project that simplifies how to discover and support nonprofits that do great work.  As the group relays, it can be difficult to find worthy organizations to support and with many of us being busier than ever, Cassie provides some sincere tips on how to donate to the causes that hold personal meaning.  This program was brought to you by Fairway Market.

"The first thing about finding a charity or nonprofit that makes sense to you, I would say, think about the things and people that you love and think about them deeply. There are things connected to all of those things that are nonprofits." [26:03]

--Cassie Marketos on A Few Things with Claire and Erica