8th Annual Chefs Collaborative Summit 2017

Lamb Breakdown – a conversation with butcher Adam Danforth, farmer Craig Rogers and chef Michael Costa

Though widely consumed throughout the world, lamb is a largely under-appreciated meat in the U.S. “I think there are too many Americans who have just had bad lamb,” says farmer Craig Rogers of Border Springs Farm in Virginia, one of three experts on the subject who spoke with Kat Johnson at a workshop entitled Lamb Breakdown at the 8th Annual Chefs Collaborative Summit.

Chefs-Collaborative-Summit-Atlanta-2017-Erik-Meadows-Photography-114Chef Michael Costa grilling lamb on a Big Green Egg – by Erik Meadows Photography

“One of the most fun things for me is introducing—or reintroducing—people to lamb, and they just go ‘Oh my god I had no idea!’“ Rogers joined Chef Michael Costa (Zatinya, Washington DC) and James Beard Award-winning butcher Adam Danforth as they discussed all things lamb—from the science of muscles and flavor, to using lesser known cuts, and even starter tips for beginners.

Chefs-Collaborative-Summit-Atlanta-2017-Erik-Meadows-Photography-100Butcher and Educator, Adam Danforth – by Erik Meadows Photography

“I work with anyone who wants to better understand their relationship to meat, and also their relationship to animals that sustain us,” says Danforth, “By teaching on-farm slaughtering, whole-animal butchering, and meat and flavor science, I aim to challenge people’s stigmas around what they think they’re experiencing when they eat meat, or also what their ideas of quality are.” Hear more of their deep-dive on lamb and how farmers, butchers, and chefs can work together to promote consumption and sustainability of the animal.

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