On today's episode of THE FOOD SEEN, we talk Crucial Detail with Martin Kastner, a former blacksmith from Western Bohemia, who was raised eating out of soup bowls, and later in life, found himself collaborating with Grant Achatz from Alinea after receiving a vague email simply stating, "I'm a chef looking for new ways of serving food." Little did he know, they'd forever change tableware (e.g. wax bowls, upright spoon, porthole) and the way we interacted with objects in general. From how we move through space, to our sensory perception, Kastner saw food as a medium transcending boundaries, curating a 5 hour, 25 course a tasting menu. Kastner used the same theatrics to help the USA team win their first medal at the Bocuse d'Or, a biennial culinary olympics. Soup, in general, especially due to Achatz's "Hot Potato Cold Potato," will never be the same.

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Photo by Lara Kastner

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