Tiffany Kenney of Locavore Roar joins Anne Saxelby to talk about the Wisconsin Food Festival on this week's edition of Cutting the Curd. Hear how the event aims to mimic the idea of "slow food" by encouraging attendees to meet with cheesemakers and other producers. Learn about the contemporary Wisconsin food scene and how it combines new food trends with decades of heritage. How is Locavore Roar supporting local food economies and small businesses? Learn why Tiffany decided to head up Locavore Roar, and how the organization helps with marketing and press based on their extensive network. This program has been brought to you by the Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board. Music has been provided by EULA.


"As Wisconsin produces more artisan cheesemakers and food producers, I hope that we can continue to support that kind of local economy." [10:45]

-- Tiffany Kenney on Cutting the Curd