Our guest is Elizabeth Andoh who joined us 8 times on Episodes 18, 61, 83, 99, 108, 131, 156, 180 and shared her truly deep insight into traditional Japanese food culture.

Elizabeth is a food writer and Japanese cooking instructor based in Tokyo, and she has lived in Japan for over 50 years.  She runs the culinary arts program called A Taste of Culture, which offers a great opportunity for non-Japanese people to explore Japanese culture through its food.

Elizabeth is also the author of 6 cookbooks, including the award-winning “Washoku: Recipes from the Japanese Kitchen”, “Kibo: Recipes and Stories from Japan's Tohoku” and “Kansha: Celebrating Japan's Vegan and Vegetarian Traditions”

In this episode, we will discuss Donburi.  Donburi is one of the most popular comfort foods in Japan.  It is as popular as ramen in Japan but it is not well-known outside the county.  Join us to discover what donburi is, why it is so popular in Japan, what flavor variations it has, how to make donburi at home and much, much more!!!

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