Eating Disorder puts a spell on you! Tune into this episode to hear The Rev Syro, Chef Paul Gerard, and Adam Velez talk with Kathy Latham of NYC's Enchantments, astrologer David Scoroposki, and Judy McGuire- author of How Not to Date and host of HRN's Arts & Seizures. Tune in for some bewitching seduction tips, and learn why aphrodisiacs have maintained their reputations for hundreds of years. What love meal would Kathy and David prepare for their clients at Enchantments? Find out on this editions of Eating Disorder! Thanks to our sponsor, Tekserve. Music by Hardbodies.


"Eating is a sensual act, and people say that a way to someone's heart is through their stomach... I believe it!" [14:15]

-- David Scoroposki on Eating Disorder

"You cannot create love with magic; you can only create lust or obsession." [28:30]

-- Kathy Latham on Eating Disorder