This week on Beer Sessions Radio, host Jimmy Carbone is joined in the studio by brewer Jeppe Jarnit-Bjergsø of the bar Tørst, and Canadian chef Daniel Burns of the Michelin-starred restaurant Luksus. They are also co-authors of the new book Food & Beer, which aims to elevate beer to the level of wine in fine dining. With a dialogue running throughout the book, Food & Beer examines the vision and philosophy of this duo at the forefront of a new gastronomic movement, and highlights the dual visions of the authors and the spaces — Tørst, which is more rustic and relaxed, and Luksus, which is more sleek and refined.

food and beer book

"You can go into a fine dining restaurant and have a cocktail, have a glass of wine; we're trying to bring into the conversation of fine dining with beer." [43:50] – Daniel Burns