Happy Halloween to all you Gastro Ghouls and Goblins out there! This week, we’re telling you spooky stories from history, film, and beyond.

First up, we hear from Jess Krainchich about the bygone practice of “sin eating” at Victorian era funerals. Then, Nicole Cornwell delves into the genre of agri-horror, to explain why you see so many farmhouses in horror movies.  We learn about the banana industry’s frightening backstory, as H Conley talks with nature and science writer, Dan Koeppel, about the spotted past of America’s favorite fruit. Finally, we hear from apple-grower and cider-maker, Eric Schatt, as well as operations coordinator at Turtle Tree Seed, Jordan Walker, about the mysterious practice of biodynamics. Let’s go bury some cow skulls down by the river!

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