Nolan Calisch is a farmer, photographer, artist, and educator, residing in Portland, OR. Nolan and his farming partner, Chris Seigel, own and operate Wealth Underground Farm, where they supply a CSA membership of 30 on their intensively cultivated plot of land. They also work with Portland State University to teach The Homesteader course, in which college students study agricultural practice and history at Wealth Underground. Nolan combines his interest in art, agriculture, and education with another course he teaches called The Farm School, where students "create site specific and participatory art projects in a wide variety of contexts from farms to schools to grocery stores to art museums." Nolan runs a truly diversified farm - both food-wise and through the wide breadth of knowledge and experiences shared on his farm. Thanks to our sponsor, Heritage Foods USA.


"Our situation affords us the ability for other people to access our farm pretty easily, so we decided to set up some educational programs." [7:20]

-- Nolan Calisch on Greenhorns Radio