This week on HRN Happy Hour, Liz Mistick, Jordan Werner, Sarah McKeen, and Hannah Fordin are filling in for Kat and Caity. We’ve got all the usual hits, including show highlights from around the network, important events (like the recent Good Food Mercantile at the Brooklyn Expo and Kat’s upcoming trip to Slow Food Nations in Denver, CO) and an update on our Summer Drive.

After that, we talk Fourth of July. Even though it already happened, we’re still hung up on fireworks and BBQ. Jordan shares an interview with Amy Lipman, a food scholar and bonafide Hot Dog Expert, about the history of hot dogs and what they mean in American culture today. Then, Liz chats with our in-studio guest Talia Pollock about how to have a plant-forward Fourth of July. Talia is a food blogger, health coach, and host of her own podcast series The Party in my Plants Podcast.

And since it wouldn’t be an episode of HRN Happy Hour without trivia, we wrap things up and try to make Kat proud with a few zingers about Independence Day.


Our theme song is “Suns Out Guns Out” by Concord America.
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