On a special episode of HRN Prime, host Kathline Chery speaks with Dead Prez, the hip-hop duo composed of "M1" and "stic.man". Tune-in for an interesting talk as M1 talks about finding one's identity, the inspiration of his music, and the gentrification of neighborhoods such as Bed-Stuy in Brooklyn, New York. With the issues of race rapidly changing and developing throughout society today, M1 and stic.man address these issues, and talk more about how we can all contribute to staying healthy for ourselves and for others. Thanks to our sponsor, Heritage Foods USA.

"From experience, seeing my family members go through diabetes and heart attacks, all the things that life has introduced me to - I realized that that are simple ways to empower ourselves that don't require a total other-throw of the whole system." [20:30]

-- stic.man on HRN Prime