On this week's episode of A Moment with the Token with Kathline Chery, Kathline speaks with Queen Afua, author of Heal Thyself: For Health and Longevity, expert nutritionist, and herbalist. As many have noted, the book has become one of the most influential health books in recent years. Queen Afua further explains her healthier lifestyle as a result of natural healing and natural foods, and how her book is a call to the United Nations, and to the communities of the world. Take responsibility of your health, by learning more about wellness, and listening to the healing advice of Queen Afua on this episode today. This program has been sponsored by Rolling Press.


"There's six times more fast food restaurants in the African American and Hispanic communities. We are being processed into a processed state of life, and it's making us sicker and sicker!" [35:20]

-- Queen Afua on A Moment with the Token