Daniel Johnnes is the Wine Director for Daniel Boulud's Dinex Group, including Restaurant Daniel, DB Bistro, DBGB, Cafe Boulud and Bar Boulud. He joined chef Boulud after spending 20 years as the Wine Director for Montrachet and the Myriad restaurant group. He is also an author, an importer, and the organizer of the Burgundy celebration, La Paulée de New York. Tune in to this week's episode of "In the Drink" and get inside perspective from Daniel, as he joins host Joe Campanale for a conversation on wine, service and communication. Find out what it takes to really know wine from a guy who lives it day in and day out. This program was sponsored by Ambur Point of Sale App.


"The combination of food hospitality and warmth is everything i strive for in a dining experience and a working experience." [06:00]

"The wine experience should be about getting together without pretention and just sharing." [22:00]

--Daniel Johnnes, Wine Director for Daniel Boulud's Dinex Group on "In the Drink"