Bottled cocktails, cocktails on tap, and a drink list that changes daily! These can all be found behind the bar at Saxon & Parole under the direction of Naren Young, who is this week’s guest on In the Drink. Tune in as he talks to host Joe Campanale about the forward thinking bar program he runs at the Lower East Side establishment. Find out how he found his passion for making drinks growing up in Australia way before he was legally able to drink. Hear about some of the other interesting drink programs in the other AvroKO Hospitality Group restaurants, and find out why gin and grappa are especially of interest to Naren. This program was sponsored by The International Culinary Center.


“I was studying cocktails a long time before I could legally make them.” [03:00]

“In terms of a cocktail list – the most important thing is to figure out who your audience is.” [16:00]

“Chef’s change their menu every day at a restaurant – why can’t bars?” [20:00]

–Naren Young on In the Drink