On today's episode of It's More Than Food, Ralph Loglisci, Director of Communications at Wholesome Wave, subs in for Michel Nischan for a special segment on food policy. Here in the studio and via phone to answer the many questions that surround this topic, are Kim Kessler (Food Policy Coordinator, New York City), Elizabeth Reynoso (Food Policy Director, Newark), and Ned Porter (Director of National/Regional Policy, Wholesome Wave). Together, they speak on working towards sustainable practices, urban agriculture, and promoting healthy food. Also learn more about the multitude of organizations and non-profits that they are continuing to support in order to help this cause, and what we as individuals and good food advocates can do to keep these programs going. Lastly hear about the delayed Farm Bill, which is critical to the industry, but is receiving priority in Congress. Tune-in for an interesting episode on this important topic today. This program has been sponsored by Wholesome Wave.

"Since 2006 we've almost doubled the amount of farmers markets in New York City. We've gone from about 79 to over 140 today." [16:05]

-- Kim Kessler on It's More Than Food