How does "foodiness" relate to wine? Friend of the show and sponsor of the network, Christopher Howell of Cain Vineyard & Winery in Napa Valley joins Erica Wides for this week's episode of "Let's Get Real". Learn what goes into making "real" wine - from fermentation to "organic" or "biodynamic" grapes and everything in between. Chris and Erica discuss scale of production, ingredient labeling, regulation, and authenticity as they relate to wine - and dispel many common myths. Get real about what's in your glass on this week's episode of Let's Get Real! This program has been sponsored by

"The real funny thing about wine is that even if you are the size of coca cola everybody wants to trade on the idea of Mom & Pops in the vineyards crushing grapes." [12:00]

"Some of the smallest scale wines are the highest controlled. It's all about needing to be known." [20:00]

"The idea that there should be no control and no thought would imply that there's no cooking in the kitchen!." [24:00]

"Natural wine is wine's contribution to the raw food world." [25:00]

"In order for wine to be real - the key is going to be providence." [27:00]

"If you think the wine is trying to be cool - perhaps it's the least likely to be something that hasn't been manipulated." [30:00]

-- Christopher Howell on Let's Get Real