Mead pioneer Sergio Moutela calls in to talk to us about the challenges and rewards of opening a meadery in New Jersey. The Garden State makes it tricky to ferment honey on a large scale; unlike other states, it doesn't count meaderies as a type of winery for registration purposes and has some acreage requirements.

Along the way, we talk about "apple pie in a glass" and the basics of making a delicious mead. Pro tip: go for the quality honey.

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Melovino Meadery glasses

The number one ingredient in making mead as far as quality [goes] is honey, obviously [...] You get top quality honey, and you follow a few simple steps as far as the fermentation process goes and a little temperature control. You can make some really, really great product even on your kitchen counter, like I used to do in the beginning. [20:19] – Sergio Moutela