This week on Pizza Party, host Talia Ralph welcomes Scott Wiener, founder of Scott's Pizza Tours and also the world-record holder for the largest pizza box collection. Kicking off the show talking about Scott's impressive collection of pizza boxes, he tells Talia how he got started and how he initially started picking the specific boxes, first with unique and custom boxes, but then started to branch out to the generalized boxes. Scott explains the specifics behind typical boxes before delving into the details behind the boxes that are most successful in keeping the pizza not only hot, but crispy as well. After the break, Scott shares his first pizza experiences and how the cheesy dish found its place in his heart, plus highlights from his tours and book. Tune in to hear his thoughts on the best pizza neighborhoods in NYC, too! This program was brought to you by The Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board.

"If you keep the boxes built, I am thirty-two pizza boxes tall." [4:15]

"The pizza box is something that is an unsung hero because two-thirds of all pizza are eaten out of pizza boxes." [7:15]

"When you go for pizza, it's a shared experience." [25:55]

--Scott Wiener on Pizza Party