This week on Pizza Party, host Talia Ralph is talking the epic comeback of the pizza bagel! Welcoming guests Marian Bull, Sarah Jampel, both editors at Food52, as well as Noah Bermanoff, owner of Mile End Deli and Black Seed Bagel. Delving right in to thoughts of Pizza Bagels/Bagel Bites, and the nostalgic childhood throwbacks to the snack, it's no surprise that the group breaks out in the popular 90s commercial jingle. Noah shares his expert opinion on making the perfect pizza bagel at home with solid ingredients. Continuing the discussion of childhood lunch specialties, the beloved pizza Lunchable comes up while after the break, the inevitable NYC versus Montreal bagel debate occurs, with the group thoroughly discussing the delicious details of each. Tune in for a great talk on the pizza bagel and how it's an ideal hybrid food that can totally symbolize the big apple. This program was brought to you by The Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board.

"I think it's an impossible debate. There's no real winners in a debate about bagels, so, that's why we did Black Seed which is a hybrid of the two." [17:22]

"New York pizza is so good it's erased my memory of any pizza I've ever eaten from Montrea." [28:25]

--Noah Bermanoff on Pizza Party