This week’s guests: Leah Cohen & Janine Booth


New York native Leah Cohen is no stranger to good food. Growing up as a half Filipina and half Russian-Romanian Jew, her childhood culinary background was eclectic to say the least. Cohen draws inspiration from this worldly knowledge and translates it on the plate at Lower East Side restaurant, Pig and Khao, her first solo venture and the new and exciting center of Southeast Asian food in New York City.

“Culinary school is great for the resume but it depends what you take from it.” [11:00]

— Leah Cohen on Radio Cherry Bombe



Growing up in Australia, Janine was surrounded by unique flavors from all over the world which inspired her to embark on a culinary journey throughout Europe, Asia and beyond. Janine’s travels lead her to Miami, Florida, where she studied Culinary Arts at Le Cordon Bleu and worked in restaurants alongside former Top Chef alum Chef Jeff McInnis, exploring Southern American, Thai, Vietnamese, and Modern American cuisines. Janine is currently living in New York City and has partnered up with Top Chef alum Jeffrey McInnis to open up their own restaurant Root & Bone, which is set to open early 2014 in the East Village, NYC. Root & Bone is excited to bring a little bit of the South to the big city; a Southern revival of the farm and garden to table experience.

“Southern food can be thought of as starchy and heavy and fatty but I love to cook in a lighter way with fresh vegetables and fruits.” [37:00]

–Janine Booth on Radio Cherry Bombe