The Grain Project: Stephen Wade. Learn The Greenmarket Regional Grains Project on a brand new episode of Sharp & Hot as Emily Peterson is joined by Stephen Wade and June Russell of Greenmarket NYC. The mission of the Greenmarket Regional Grains Project is to foster a thriving regional grain economy within the local food system, beginning with our network of growers and customers and extending to any farmer, entrepreneur or retailer contributing to its growth throughout the Northeast. Their mission begins at Greenmarket, so they rigidly enforce the rule that Greenmarket bakers' products must contain at least 15 percent flour grown and milled in the region. But creating a marketplace that supports our mission requires more than just rule enforcement. Learn more on today's episode of Sharp & Hot!.

"Sustainability is a direction, not an end goal." [7:30]

--Emily Peterson on Sharp & Hot

"We're trying to bring grain production back to the Northeast from the ground up." [19:00]

--June Russell on Sharp & Hot