How can small chocolate compete in the marketplace? This week on Straight, From the Source, Clay Gordon is joined by Jeff Shepherd, founder and leader of a chocolate flock in Central Point, OR - the award-winning Lillie Belle Farms. They discuss how a craft/artisan chocolate business can compete against "big chocolate" - and not only survive, but thrive and prosper. Find out how Jeff found his passion for chocolate and how he's explored everything from organic cocoa beans to added value products. This program was sponsored by White Oak Pastures

"The majority of the cocoa beans on the planet are not farmed organically." [2:22]

"We still mold and wrap our chocolate bars by hand!" [13:50]

"We're all old now so chocolate is the only drug we can all agree on!" [29:24]

Jeff Shepherd of Lillie Belle Farms on Straight From the Source