On a special episode of Straight, From the Source, host Clay Gordon is joined by Sean McCain, sales director at The Bronx Brewery & Patrick Martins, founder of Heritage Foods USA and HeritageRadioNetwork.org. Together, they are doing an on-air beer and chocolate tasting and discussing how chocolate changes the taste of beer and vice versa. Tune in as Clay demonstrates a technique that anyone can use to help develop their palates for chocolate and beer and that can be applied to a lot of other types of pairings as well. This program was sponsored by Susty Party.

"In any kind of pairing exercise the first step is to get an aroma memory and a taste memory."

"Tasting is all about paying attention and trying to find sense memories."

"One of the great things about beer and chocolate is that they tend to be inexpensive."

--Clay Gordon on Straight, From the Source