This week on Taste Matters, guest host Izabela Wojcik is joined by Melanie Dunea, the creator & photographer of "My Last Supper". Melanie has been asking chefs the ultimate question: "What would be your last meal on earth?" This question has been responsible for photography and video projects, two books and a whole world of insight into the minds and lives of the most famous chefs in the world. Tune in and hear the inspiration behind the project and some stories and experiences Melanie has shared with chefs and celebrities. This program was sponsored by Whole Foods Market.

"All I see my work as is way to transfer information." [7:20]

"I started because I thought it was time to bring the project to life. Everybody has a last supper and everybody wants to share it." [22:15]

"I would never call myself a food photographer because there are so many amazing people out there [doing that] - for me this journey has been an incredible way to dip into a world I care about." [24:20]

--Melanie Dunea, creator and photographer of "My Last Supper" on Taste Matters