It takes more than a traveling chef and great pork buns to conquer the global restaurant and media markets. In this episode of Tech Bites, the studio is jam packed with the social ninjas that run the digital presences for Momofuku Restaurants worldwide and Zero Point Zero Productions (the creative powerhouse behind Anthony Bourdain Parts Unknown, PBS's Mind of A Chef, MeatEater, Apex Predator and Food Republic). Listen in on Helen Cho, Danny Carnaje from ZPZ and Marguerite Mariscal and Rebecca Palkovics from Momofuku talk tweets, paper cuts and pork belly. This program was brought to you by Cain Vineyard & Winery.

"We very intentionally kept everything [social media] super consolidated. We find across all our restaurants there's a ton of overlap in demographics. Also, it allows us to put out more content in a way that if it was coming out of an individual restaurant they wouldn't have the time or capacity." [17:10]

"We've had a Facebook renaissance. I think video on Facebook is the fastest growing demo that they have, actually." [31:30]

--Marguerite Mariscal on Tech Bites