Do you have a dinner reservation tonight? Today, booking a table can be harder to get than tickets to a Broadway show. You love to go out to eat, but don't want plan 30-days in advance or pay for a reservation. What do you do? Follow @LastMinuteEatin on Twitter for real-time last-minute reservations. The OpenTable + Twitter hack was created by New York entrepreneur and software engineer Jason Davis. Jason will talk about his experiment in immediate gratification and schedule free living. Also on this show, a follow-up from Episode #2 and New York Public Library's Rebecca Federman's recommendation to use Eat Your Books to digitally organize your cookbooks. Eat Your Books co-founder Jane Kelly talks about this unique online platform. This program was brought to you by S. Wallace Edwards & Sons.

"It [@LastMinuteEatin] sort of mimics the way my behavior would work if you were looking for a table that day." [15:00]

--Jason Davis on Tech Bites