Cover is a new payment system that allows restaurants to integrate their payment system with their diners. By having diners create a "table" in the application, and telling the restaurant that they are using Cover, the restaurant will do the rest by splitting the bill and leaving the tipping to the guest. Mark Egerman, founder of Cover, joins host Phil Colicchio on this week's episode of the business of The Business, to talk more about the mobile application, and explain how participating restaurants have utilized Cover to customize their dining experience. For restaurant owners, Cover is a completely free system; learn how Cover increases net operating income, and how to integrate Cover into your restaurant today. For more information, check out This program has been sponsored by Regional Access.


"Waving your phone in front of a register is not better than swiping your credit card." [8:50]

"With cover, you get to decide how you're going to treat the end of the meal. This is for the restauranteur to craft an end of meal experience." [21:50]

-- Mark Egerman on the business of The Business