Everybody loves a comeback story. Chef and restauranteur Kevin Sbraga has made some mistakes in his career - but he's here today after righting the ship to tell his story. Kevin is the chef/owner of Sbraga and The Fat Ham, two acclaimed restaurants in Philadelphia, and the Season 7 winner of Top Chef. He made a few few poor management decisions with his first restaurant, Sbraga, and he risked losing it all. On this week's episode of the business of The Business, host Phil Colicchio chats with Kevin Sbraga about the trials and tribulations he has endured during his first few years as a restauranteur. Learn what Kevin did to turn his business around and how he was able to stop on a dime and make significant change. This program was brought to you by White Oak Pastures


"The whole purpose of me going on Top Chef was to open a restaurant - it wasn't to be a celebrity or be on TV, it was for one reason and that was to open my own place." [04:00]

"When you open a restaurant on day 1 all of your systems need to be in place. We were open 5-6 months before I really started looking at the stuff. Once I started noticing there was no money left - it didn't make sense." [09:00]

--Kevin Sbraga on the business of The Business