This week on The Farm Report, host Erin Fairbanks is on the line with Corey Blant and Nelly Burgos of Added Value located in Red Hook, Brooklyn. A non-profit organization promoting the sustainable development of Red Hook by nurturing a new generation of young leaders, Added Value works toward this goal by creating opportunities for the youth of South Brooklyn to expand their knowledge base, develop new skills and positively engage with their community through the operation of a socially responsible urban farming enterprise. Sponsor makes visiting this unique operation possible! After the break, Erin introduces listeners to a fellow HRN show, Inside School Food, and its latest episode "Locavore Mayor Takes on Lunch." Tune in for this hybrid version of The Farm Report! This program was brought to you by

"We made a great opportunity for the students to understand the food and then enjoy the food."

--Ron Adams highlighted on The Farm Report