On today's THE FOOD SEEN, photographer Erin Gleeson left the concrete jungle of NYC for Northern California, finding herself surrounded by the wilderness she grew up in. What came out of this rediscovery, was a reflection of her connection with this natural setting, through the lens of her lovely blog, The Forest Feast. It was actually years prior, during a college semester in Bologna, that had peaked her interest in the simplicity of cuisine, her intrigue continued by the documenting the intricate delicacies of dessert bars in NYC. Erin now explores food through "illustrative recipes", using her full array of artistic skills. In her first cookbook, The Forest Feast (cookbook), Erin displays an all-vegetarian menu, from "eggplant tacos" to "blackberry negronis", using the woods as a backdrop for her savory, and sweet, still lives. This program has been sponsored by Bonnie Plants.

"I always think in diptic form - one that shows the whole, and one that shows the parts of the whole." [18:30]

--Erin Gleeson on The Food Seen