It's all about Brooklyn Beverages this week on The Morning After. Tune in as Jason chats with Jim Munson and Emily Sheppard of Brooklyn Roasting Company and Caroline Mak and Antonio Ramos of Brooklyn Soda Works. Tune in to hear how both companies started from the ground up and have helped grow Brooklyn as a brand and a community. Find out how they balance running a small business with living normal lives and what future plans are in store for both operations. This program was sponsored by White Oak Pastures.

"I came to NY thinking I'd be in the publishing business and quickly ended up driving a beer van...from there it graduated to a 10 year career with Brooklyn Brewery."--Jim Munson, founder of Brooklyn Roasting Company on The Morning After

"We've always wanted to grow the business sustainably rather than quickly."--Antonio Ramos of Brooklyn Soda Works on The Morning After