This week on The Morning After, Jesse Kiefer chats with Chris Bradley, Executive Chef at “Untitlted”, Danny Meyer’s take on a coffee shop at The Whitney Museum. Chris recalls his days at Gramercy Tavern and explains how the Danny Meyer take on hospitality influences his work to this day. Also hear from Rosemary Gray of RS Productions and co-creator of Sherryfest, a multi-day celebration of sherry, involving educational seminars, producer dinners, in-store sherry tastings at participating wine shops, and a grand sherry tasting for the wine trade. Tune in for another awesome Front of House segment and some more additions to the fictional “Chardonnaise” menu. This program was sponsored by S. Wallace Edwards & Sons.

“It’s hard to say no to Danny Meyer. I was glad to get a chance to open something with those guys.” [8:55]

“It’s a little cliche to think there’s a front and back of the house divide. Not everybody has that attitude.” [11:15]

— Chris Bradley, Executive Chef of Untitled on The Morning After

“There’s some gaps in knowledge of understanding about Sherry. People haven’t had a lot of exposure to fine Sherry.” [17:15]

— Rosemary Gray, co-creator of Sherryfest on The Morning After