This week on The Speakeasy, Damon is re-joined by friend of the show Steve Schneider of Employees Only and Macao Trading Company. Steve has been a busy man in the past year, traveling across the world for competitions, exhibitions and general craziness. Hear how he broke speed records at the "Rematch" bartending competition and why he challenges anybody in the world to compete with him! Steve passionately explains how bartenders are like family and describes the camaraderie that helped him get to where he is today. From his early days in the Military to breaking records and making the highest quality cocktails in the world, learn more about the man with the hammer, Steve Schenider. This program was sponsored by Whole Foods Market.


"I've always believed that if you want to be successful and great, you have to surround yourself with successful and great people."

"I can make pine tar taste like strawberries if I try hard enough."

"I challenge any bartender on this planet or any other planet to a Rematch style competition, because I don't think anybody can beat me on my best day!!!"

--bartender Steve Schneider on The Speakeasy