This week on The Speakeasy, Damon is joined by co-creator of Brooklyn Gin, Emil Jattne. They're obviously talking gin - from distilling to bottling and everything in between. Learn why Brooklyn Gin makes no compromises in the process of gin-making and how their unique blend of botanicals make for a one of a kind spirit. Hear some of the benefits of being included in the Barclays Center's beverage program and find out how the artisanal gin company plans on expanding. This program was sponsored by Heritage Foods USA

"We wanted to make the gin we wanted - we didn't want to make any compromises whatsoever." [06:05]

"There's so much creativity around gin cocktails. There are bars that are super classic and restaurants with epicurean cocktail menus with inspiration from the kitchens." [11:30]

--Emil Jattne, co-creator of Brooklyn Gin on The Speakeasy