What's the deal with Pork Roll? Tune into this week's episode of U Look Hungry as Helen Hollyman chats with Chef Kevin Pemoulie of the James Beard nominated Jersey City, New Jersey restaurant, Thirty Acres, broadcasting to you from the restaurant's holy walls, only on the Heritage Radio Network. Crank it loud as they explore this pork party and it's elusive history, what's going on at Thirty Acres today, and so much more. This program was sponsored by Fairway Market. Thanks to Jerome LOL for today's break song!

"Pork Roll is literally.... rolled pork." [02:00]

"It was rough getting open and geting people. We went through a lot of staff early on. After 6 months we hit our stride and things started getting better." [15:00]

--Chef Kevin Pemoulie on U Look Hungry