Courtney McBroom is serving up Tex Mex at Res's Le Gouter in Red Hook, Brooklyn! Helen Hollyman is back in Brooklyn for this week's installment of U Look Hungry, and she's chatting with Courtney about her Texas roots and the pop-up phenomenon. How does Tex Mex differ from traditional Mexican food? Find out why Patrick Swayze is a perfect muse for Tex Mex dishes, and learn what other famous Texans inspire Courtney and Helen. So grab a Dr. Pepper and a big plate of chicken fried steak and find out more about Courtney's pop-up, Casa Blanco, on this week's edition of U Look Hungry! Thanks to our sponsor, Tekserve. Today's music has been provided by takstar.

"For me, the food is based on drawing from memories from eating in restaurants as a child in Texas, or recipes that our families made." [23:00]

-- Courtney McBroom on U Look Hungry