Is the 2nd Amendment under attack? On a very special episode of Wild Game Domain: From the Hunt to the Hearth, host Chad Pagano and guest Chris Griswaldi discuss gun rights in the wake of Governor Cuomo's "Safe Act" that was recently passed in New York. Tune in as they break the act down line by line and wonder if our rights as Americans are at risk due to overreaction from the government. In the wake of the Sandy Hook shootings, gun regulation has been a heated public debate, and Chad Pagano is here to offer some new perspective from his libertarian point of view. Have thoughts? Send them to the show and keep the conversation going! This program was sponsored by Hearst Ranch.

"There is a problem in this country with guns. Certain people shouldn't have guns. But the rhetoric that omes along with this argument isn't serving anybody. The NRA is partially to blame. The leftist groups that want to burn down guns and make peace symbol necklaces are partially to blame." [13:00]

"We can't regulate our way out of this problem - it's not going to work that way." [15:00]

"Stop using the term assault weapons, it doesn't exist!" [22:00]

--Chad Pagano on Wild Game Domain