Leiti Hsu is back in the studio another episode of WORD OF MOUTH. She's joined by French culinary and beverage pioneer Rita Jammet. Along with her husband, Andre, Rita helped run La Caravelle, an acclaimed classic French restaurant in NYC, for over 40 years. After it closed its doors post 9/11, Rita was determined to find a new passion. That new passion is something that was by her side all along - champagne. Tune in to WORD OF MOUTH as Leiti chats with Rita about the La Caravelle champagne brand and what makes champagne such a trending beverage. This program was sponsored by Fairway Market.

"Rose Champagne is really catching on - in fact it's what I sell the most of right now." [25:00]

"The traditional wisdom about champagne was to pair it with shellfish and delicate flavors. Not to contradict our elders but they probably didn't even think to drink champagne with other foods." [44:00]

--Rita Jammet on WORD OF MOUTH