Leiti hangs out with Chef Michael Chiarello one Monday afternoon in August 2011 at his restaurant Bottega in Napa Valley, CA for this WORD OF MOUTH #SFSessions. This Renaissance man is not only a chef and Emmy-winning TV personality–Michael is also an author, vintner, sustainable farmer, purveyor of cookware, furniture, and food…and father, husband and mad scientist. He talks tech, TV and a nightmare that changed the course of his life. This program was brought to you by Of a Kind.

“A chef has a place that they won’t go–or they’ll stop the world from going. Don’t poke the bear.”

“If you’re 18 inches away, are you yelling for some reason?” on using inside voices in his kitchen

On Mom: “That’s why I’m doing everything I can to quiet my world down.”

–Michael Chiarello on WORD OF MOUTH