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Katy  Keiffer

Katy Keiffer

Katy Keiffer has worked in and around the food industry for over thirty years. First as a cook, then a butcher, a cookbook publicist, and finally, a food writer, Katy has been present for the massive transformation of the food industry in America. Growing up in a rural New England town where gardening, composting, bread baking and scratch cooking were part of daily life gave her a lifelong appreciation of how important good food is for body and soul. A host at Heritage for over six years, she has spent the time engaging with a vast cohort of informed experts who have contributed enormous stores of knowledge about how our food system works, and how it doesn’t.

Patrick  Martins

Patrick Martins

Patrick works with an excellent team to run Heritage Foods, a mail-order and distribution business for dozens of farms raising heritage breeds of livestock and poultry, the last vestiges of pre-industrial agriculture in America, the kind you must eat to save! You can order online or enjoy these foods at hundreds of the finest restaurants and markets from coast to coast. Patrick is a founder of the Anne Saxelby Legacy Fund which honors his late wife by providing farm internships and apprenticeship opportunities to young adults similar to those that Anne engaged in during her early 20’s. He sits on the Board of the Good Shepherd Conservancy, an agri-tourism center in Kansas. Patrick is a founder of Slow Food USA and Heritage Radio Network and author of the Carnivore’s Manifesto published by Little, Brown. In 2004 he and a friend produced the New York City Trivia Game.

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