From ornamenting your pastries to adding embellishment to your table, Michael Davenport believed that for all the time we take preparing our food, it should be presented proudly. An elaborately, or even just a neatly set table can get the salivary glands going. Michael was a firm proponent of cloth napkins, candlelight, and a centerpiece - even if it’s just a bowl of lemons. Despite being a skeptic of many kitchen gadgets, when it comes to decorating food itself, Michael sings the praises of pastry tubes. They’re not only for wedding cakes; they don't have to be limited to cakes at all for that matter. Try using a pastry tube when dealing with butter, mashed potatoes or making deviled eggs. Finally, Michael shares a treat made in the kitchen and then broken over someone’s head - hear him out, he’s talking about cascarones. Cascarones are most commonly a part of Mexican fiestas. This festive activity requires hollowing out eggshells, filling them with confetti, and adding a layer of paint. Next time you’re celebrating or simply left with extra eggshells after making a meringue, consider cascarones. 

The Shameless Chef

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