On this episode of HRN Happy Hour we're thrilled to present the first episode of one of HRN's newest shows: Fields.  Fields brings you the stories of people who are working in urban agriculture—for money, for fun, to feed the hungry, and for entirely other reasons. In each episode, hosts Melissa Metrick and Wythe Marschall delve into different foods grown in cities. Moreover, we investigate the whys behind getting up in the morning and working as a farmer in the shadow of skyscrapers. You don’t need to be a farmer to enjoy this podcast, or even a foodie! With their expert guests, Melissa and Wythe break down the realities and possible futures of urban farming to their elements.

So, how are seeds gender-defying time travelers? Subscribe to Fields and find out! In our first story, Melissa and Wythe talk to plant-focused artists Ellie Irons and Anne Percoco of the Next Epoch Seed Library and to Ken Greene, expert seed breeder and seed librarian. We explore how different seeds travel across time and space—sometimes becoming “invasive” “weeds,” and sometimes disappearing from human cultivation. Anne and Ellie are working to help all of us, especially those of us in big cities, rethink our relationships to the plants traveling all around us, to our neglected environments, to our politicized borders, and to the world’s rapidly changing climate. Ken is working with indigenous leaders to grow, save, and return—without keeping—sacred seeds. We talk about organic seeds, the ethics of growing, and farming while queer. We learned so much from our first guests, and we know you will, too!

Further Resources: 

Seed Shed: https://seedshed.org/about/people

The Native American Seed Sanctuary: https://hvfarmhub.org/seed-sanctuary

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