On the inaugural episode of After the Jump, host Grace Bonney of Design*Sponge chats with one of her biggest inspirations, designer Todd Oldham. Todd has worked on everything from clothing lines to MTV shows to La-Z-Boy’s. Hear how his global upbringing helped shape his design style and how each of his projects tap into a different creative space. How does Todd juggle all of his projects while maintaining a healthy home life? How is working for large corporations different than designing for yourself? Find out on After the Jump! This program was sponsored by Tri-State Merchant.

“If I’m not enjoying it while I’m doing it, it basically doesn’t exist for me.”

“[When working for large corporations] anybody resting on laurels of doing old fashioned ideas is just going to drown.”

“It’s sad to me that people have associated style with money.”

–designer Todd Oldham on After the Jump