Learn the secrets of quality event design with David Stark! This week on After the Jump, Grace Bonney invited David into the studio to talk about his history with painting, flower arrangements, and throwing spectacular parties. Learn why David was called to New York City, and why he left the life of a painter to find a life that centered around building community. What parallels does David see between painting and flower arranging? Learn how David's work combines the worlds of interior design, decorating, branding, event planning, and art installation! Hear David describe an average day in the life of an event planner, and why all the details- from invitation design to the party itself- are integral to a great party experience. Find out what types of brands David enjoys working with on this week's episode of After the Jump! This program has been sponsored by The International Culinary Center.

"There was never any intention of 'building an empire' or becoming 'flower designers', we were just making flower arrangements for parties." [6:50]

"You can do things in unique ways, but there are certain conventions that are useful." [12:40]

-- David Stark on After the Jump