An alligator walks into a Wendy's, a Londoner walks into 46 McDonalds, and a soda sommelier walks into your local KFC... you've tuned in to this week's The Morning After!  Welcoming Chef Alex Leonard, who hails from the Bushwick standout Blanca, where he was chef de cuisine, Alex shares how he refined his culinary creativity and what he took to the kitchen at the newly opened Lowlife.  Commenting on what it means to be aggressively local plus thoughts on meal pricing and quality, this is a conversation not to be missed!

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"Going from a 12 seat restaurant to a 71 seat restaurant a la carte, it's a completely different animal. I think one thing I've learned is how to develop dishes differently... you have to think about how the dish is going to eat between 3-4 people." [17:00]

"The experience doesn't have to be so stuffy. It can be whatever you want!" [29:00]

--Alex Leonard on The Morning After