What says summer more than fried chicken? With Memorial Day right around the corner, Shari Bayer invites Adeena Sussman and Lee Schrager, co-authors of Friend & True to talk fried chicken on All in the Industry. The book features more than 50 recipes for "America's Best Fried Chicken and Sides". Tune in and hear what prompted them to write a book on fried chicken and what they learned in the research process. From geography to technique - get some inside perspective from two food professionals who have spent more time than most thinking about fried chicken! This program was brought to you by International Culinary Center.

"The nice thing about fried chicken is that at its essence it's a simple, elemental dish." [08:00]

--Adeena Sussman on All in the Industry

"We always say Fried & True is so much more than a cookbook -- it's a storybook. Even if you don't like to cook - who doesn't like to look at food porn?" [16:00]

--Lee Schrager on All in the Industry