This week's guests on All in the Industry with Shari Bayer are Graceanne Jordan, Director of Operations at Craft Restaurants and Peter Esmond proprietor of Set for Service, an open platform customer relationship management system for the hospitality business. Tune in and get some great insights into what it means to provide hospitality to guests at restaurants. Learn how technology (like Set for Service) is making it easier for restaurants to cater to their guests and hear how the industry has evolved over the years. From online reservations to special requests, no stone is left unturned in this conversation on service, hospitality and the customer experience at restaurants! Today's program was brought to you by Heritage Foods USA.


"What's beautiful about restaurants is that there's always a human connection [in the experience] and there always will be. The beauty of a restaurant is that you're with and around people." [19:00]

--Peter Esmond on All in the Industry

"Having a reservation system online is great because it's a wider audience." [21:00]

--Graceanne Jordan on All in the Indusry