Celebrate Valentine's Day on Beer Sessions Radio with Jimmy Carbone and Jen Schwertman with guests Chris Schonberger of Time Out New York, Josh Schaffner of NY Craft Beer Week and Adam Levy of the International Beer Competition. Tune in as they talk about some new and exciting craft beers and beer bars and discuss some of the recent trends in the world of brews. Want to plan a trip to check out some under the radar beer bars? This is the show for you. Also hear about the NYC American Craft Beer Festival and what it means to be a judge. This program was sponsored by Great Brewers.


"One of the great things about covering all these bars is seeing places pop up in neighborhoods that have had nothing before."

--Chris Schonberger of Time Out New York

"My philosophy is basically that all of our judges are trade buyers, because a trade buyer truly has a chance to interact on a day to day basis with the consumer. They know what the consumer wants."

"I'm a beer freak. I'll say this openly, my dogs name is Garrett Oliver."

--Adam Levy of the International Beer Competition